Practical Resource handbooks

Practical Resource handbooks

We need to talk about Pornography

We need to talk about Pornography by Vanessa Rogers

From September 2020 exploring the potential impact of pornography on expectations of relationships and sex, body image and mental health and wellbeing is a part of the RSE national curriculum in England, but how confident do you feel teaching about this traditionally tricky topic? This books can definitely help. Exploring topics ranging from sexting, revenge porn and the law to relationship boundaries and sexual stereotypes, this practical teaching resource facilitates discussion on the difficult issues surrounding the potential impact and influence of pornography on young people.


"This is such an important subject! Pornography threatens the quality, not only of young people's sexual relationships, but of all their relationships. This book is well-informed, responsible, challenging and full of helpful ideas for teachers and youth workers to use."

Nick Luxmoore, Author of Horny and Hormonal Young People, Sex and the Anxieties of Sexuality

''We need to help young people make sense of porn and to question it, rather than leave their sex and relationships education to the pornographers. This excellent teaching pack contains a wide range of group learning activities covering what porn is, the impact it can have, consensual and appropriate relationships, body image, sexting and online bullying. Guidance and practical tips are given so secondary teachers and youth workers can be confident about dealing with what can be an emotive subject and help young people keep safe, maintain their self respect and behave in caring ways towards others. Highly recommended.'

'A much needed resource for all PSHE teachers. We Need to Talk about Pornography delivers a practical and engaging resource to address a sensitive and challenging subject with your students.'


Author: Vanessa Rogers

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Language: English

Genre: Society, Politics and Philosophy ; Social Sciences ; Youth Worker Resources ; Working with Young People

A Little Book of Drugs: Activities to Explore Drug Issues with Young People, 2nd edition

Vanessa Rogers A Little Book of Drugs
978 1 84905 304 4

Many teenagers will come into contact with drugs, but do they know all the facts about drugs? What should they do if they feel pressured into taking drugs? Do they know the effects of taking drugs, and what the consequences might be? 

Cyberbullying, Activities to Help Children and Teens to Stay Safe in a Texting, Twittering, Social Networking World

Cyberbullying by Vanessa Rogers

Children and teenagers text, network and twitter online as second nature, but when emails or texts are used to threaten, harass, intimidate or embarrass someone, they can turn from being a source of enjoyment to a source of crippling anxiety and fear.


Youth in Mind

"This is a useful little book which largely consists of exercises to facilitate discussion or thought about the use of the Internet. Although the title is cyberbullying, the exercises are broader and look at safety and well as bullying.

The exercises are set up for groups and, as such, are most likely to be useful in schools, youth groups or similar. However, with some thought they could be adapted and used with individual young people too."

School Librarian Journal

"This has a range of very useful practical activities to be used with young people to raise their awareness of cyberbullying and how to stay safe online. The issues are clearly outlined in the introduction, with short explanations of how a range of media from mobile phones to chat rooms and websites can be exploited in different ways by the cyberbully. There is a helpful section on drawing up a code for acceptable online behaviour. The activities, with their accompanying worksheets, are simple yet effective and well thought out, and sure to provoke good discussion. There are warm up and review exercises as well as longer activities, using scenarios which will be familiar to all young people. They are ideal for pupils from Key Stage 3 upwards, and some could be adapted for even younger children.

This is an invaluable resource for the school librarian who delivers e-safety lessons as part of a wider information literacy programme, or as an addition to the library's professional collection for ICT and PSHE Teachers."

Reviewed by: Marianne Bradnock

Library Journal

Child Rearing

"Teacher and youth-worker Rogers has compiled an excellent primer for adults to use with young people in understanding and evaluating the risks of various online behaviors. She begins with a concise look at cyber bullying, outlining the perceived security of the perp that goes with anonymity and the resulting fear of the victim, who is unable to identify a bully; the 24-hour access of cyberbullying, resulting in little refuge, even in previously safe zones; and the peer pressure to have many “friends” in online social networking sites, opening up kids to impersonators and frauds. She gives excellent activities to do with children and young adults to help them understand the issues involved and launch poignant discussions among peers, such as providing various profiles of people and having the group evaluate the appropriateness of adding this person to their network of contacts. Any adult who works with young people would be wise to implement these activities, probably as early as age ten. Highly and unequivocally recommended."


Fostering Newsletter

"Children and teenagers text, network and twitter online as second nature but when emails or texts are used to threaten, harass, intimidate or embarrass someone, they can turn from being a source of enjoyment to a source of crippling anxiety and fear.

This approachable book is packed with advice, games and activities for groups and individuals to help young people understand what cyberbullying is, how they should behave online and how they can stay safe. The activities range form quizzes and competitions to storyboard games and art activities. Cyber bullying covers issues such as how easily personal information can be forwarded, the risks posed by unknown 'friends' on social networking sites, and how to discuss and deal with bullying issues. They are designed to encourage young people to think about their own behaviour and attitudes and give them the skills and knowledge to stay safe in a digital world.

This essential book is particularly suited to children and teems aged 11+. It will be an invaluable resource for parents, carers, teachers, youth workers and anyone working with young people who could be exposed to cyberbullying."

Games and Activities for Exploring Feelings

Games and Activities for Exploring Feelings by Vanessa Rogers

This is a fun, imaginative and creative resource designed to help children aged 7-13 get thinking and talking about their feelings and the issues that impact on their mental health and emotional wellbeing. Packed full of games and activities to help children explore their emotions and express themselves positively, topics include peer relationships and friendships, bullying, risky behaviour and so much more. All are designed to build self-esteem, raise aspirations and increase motivation.


"This book could well help bridge the wide gap for resources for older children.  Each activity is clearly explained, with sections covering the aim, what is needed and how to do it. Many of the activities include pages that can be photocopied; and fun activities include My Home, Feeling Valued, Follow the Crowd and Jealous Bag."

Roger Day, Play Therapy.

"What makes this book so useful is that these resources are accompanied by a clear aim and methodology for using each resource, almost akin to a lesson plan.

Familiarity with its contents will enable teachers / counsellors to design a programme specifically for the needs of vulnerable children."

Emma Raughter, Guidance Counsellor, Kilcoole, Co.Wicklow, Ireland. Reviewed for National Centre for Guidance in Education.


Author: Vanessa Rogers

Publisher: National Youth Agency

Language: English

Genre: Society, Politics and Philosophy ; Social Sciences ; Youth Worker Resources ; Working with Young People

Let's Talk Relationships

Let's Talk Relationships by Vanessa Rogers

Encouraging young people to talk about sensitive relationship issues is rarely easy, but this book will smooth the process.

Featuring some 90 activities split into five categories, there's something to suit every age and ability range, as well as some sound advice drawn from the author's ten years of youth work experience. This book will help make both group work and one-on-one sessions valuable, educational and enjoyable, both for the young people and for you. 



"I am extremely glad I made the purchase! This book helped me throughout my time working with young people, especially when I was asked to design a sex and relationships course. The great variety of activities, clear layout and detailed yet straightforward guidance was invaluable. There really is something for everyone in this book!"

Youth Support Worker in Charge (Hertfordshire)

"The author of this book has invaluable experience of working with young people and has produced a resource of activities that exudes enthusiasm and creativity. Her understanding of the difficulties faced by young people today is demonstrated by the way these are addressed in different chapters. The activities aim to increase communication between young people, their parents, teachers and youth workers and to develop personal insight, wellbeing, and importantly the safety of young people."

Jenny Bloomer MBACP, (counsellor / psychotherapist)

"I feel sure anyone working with young people would find this a beneficial and accessible resource. For those working with difficult youngsters who would not fit into and group and for parents who are finding communication difficult with their teenager(s), there are many varied ideas from which they too could choose."

Counselling Children and Young People (CCYP) the quarterly professional journal for members of BACP's Counselling Children and Young People division. It is published by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Amazon Book Reviews

"I was given this book by a colleague, who is a social worker as he reckoned it was one of the best books he had ever bought to get young people talking about personal relationships. I was not disappointed! Easy to read and full of good fun ideas to teach young people about sex, peer pressure, bullying as well as looking at living at home and the common sources of tension between teenagers and their parents. Don't usually write reveiws etc but this time felt I had to share this with other people!I would highly recommend this to teachers, youth workers or parents as a good source of ideas to cover what is often an embarrassing subject! I have also got "Have you ever?" by the same author and we are tring to get hold of copies of her other books for our school. "

Reviewed by: Amazon Customer

"One of the hardest jobs when working with young people is getting them to open up and talk about sensitive issues such as relationships and personal feelings . It is a huge responsibility for every youth worker, therefore this book - who's author has extensive field experience - gives sound advice, direction and motivation to try new ideas (whilst creating new ones too!).
I was really pleased to find a book that marries simplicity and effectiveness in so many different ways (well, 90 actually). Each of the activites have been tried and tested, allowing you the confidence to try them out safe in the knowledge they have already worked for other groups.
I have purchased and read four books now by Vanessa Rogers, each in a similar format (i.e. practical activities for working with young people), and must say that I have found them all invaluable and would highly recommend them to anyone working (or thinking of working) with young people."

Reviewed by: Amazon Customer

101 Things To Do On The Street

101 Things To Do On the Street

101 Things to Do on the Street is packed with creative and innovative ideas for street games and activities to help young people aged 11--19 explore personal, social and emotional issues. 


" The original and the definitive, I think every detached youth worker should have a copy of this book!'

"I like the accessibility of this book, which is clear and uses straightforward language. I also like the size of the print, which makes it clear for young people to access too, as they often like to take responsibility for activities and leading groups.

It includes tips and potential pitfalls to be mindful of when planning and delivering this type of service. The author provokes useful thought and consideration of various points.

I think this is a very good resource for any youth worker to have in their kit."

Claire Todd, Senior Children's Cousellor, Psychological Service, Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council. Reviewed for Counelling Children and Young People.

A Little Book of Alcohol: Activities to Explore Alcohol Issues with Young People, 2nd edition

Vanessa Rogers A Little Book of Alcohol
978 1 84905 303 7

For young people, alcohol can be easy to access, but how do they know how much is safe to drink? What if they don't want to drink but all their friends do? Do they know what the effects of drinking alcohol are? 

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