Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Definition of Expressions

1. “Training, Writing & Consultancy Services” Shall mean the services to be provided by Vanessa Rogers as described in the Proposal

“Working Hours” Shall mean the hours of 9.30 am to 4.30 pm each day excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays and will include travelling time to and from those premises in respect of all journeys in excess of one hour’s duration

2. Agreement

Vanessa Rogers will provide Training, Writing & Consultancy Services to the Client under the following terms and any additional terms and conditions incorporated in the Proposal. Such Proposal and its incorporated terms and conditions, including this Terms of Business, constitute the entire Agreement.

3. Responsibilities of Vanessa Rogers

Vanessa Rogers will ensure that she shall not disclose the Client’s confidential information except with prior written consent of a duly authorised employee of the Client, always provided that this provision shall not apply where such information has already become or subsequently becomes public knowledge, otherwise than through unauthorised disclosure by Vanessa Rogers.

Vanessa Rogers warrants that she will devote reasonable efforts and skill in the performance of this Agreement. Where she is unable to fulfill an engagement and a new date cannot be agreed, the fee will be waived.

4. Responsibilities of the Client

The Client shall promptly supply to Vanessa Rogers such information relating to the Client Organisation, as she shall reasonably require.

The Client shall provide reasonable office accommodation and use of the Client’s office equipment and services where the Client requires work at their premises.

The Client will be responsible for providing all necessary training equipment, and the provision of an appropriate training venue (unless otherwise agreed in writing with Vanessa Rogers). The Client will be responsible for providing hard copies of handouts for participants on the training day (unless otherwise agreed with Vanessa Rogers).

Where a written report or evaluation is requested by the Client, this will be charged for in accordance with the current scale of fees unless agreed as part of the overall fee.

5. Charges and Payments

In consideration of the service provided hereunder, the Client shall pay to Vanessa Rogers charges as agreed in advance. Vanessa Rogers reserves the right to vary the said charges at any time giving the Client not less than 28 days notice in writing. The said charges are exclusive of Value Added Tax as she is a Sole Trader.

Travel expenses will be charged at the standard return rail fare or British Airways, or at 45p per mile. There will be an additional charge of up to £150 per overnight stay, if required.

Invoices are due for payment within 30 days of invoice date. Vanessa Rogers reserves the right to charge interest on all overdue amounts at 5.0% per month from 35 days after the date of invoice.

Vanessa Rogers reserves the right to make a minimum charge for time at the prevailing rate as follows: up to 3 hours will be charged at the rate of 0.5 day, anything over this time will be charged at the full daily rate.

All services, once the booking is confirmed, will be subject to a cancellation fee if cancelled by the Client with less than 30 days notice. If they are cancelled before this time then no fee is due. If they are cancelled with two weeks notice then 50% of the fee will be charged. If they are cancelled with less than two weeks notice then the full fee will be charged, plus remuneration claimed for any travel costs incurred.

6. Title, Ownership and Copyright

Vanessa Rogers shall retain the copyright to all materials that are the results of Training Services provided. The Client may make sufficient copies of such materials for its own use but shall not, without Vanessa Rogers prior consent, make any such materials, or copies thereof, in whole or in part, available to any third party.

Title to the copies of commissioned Writing & Consultancy Services will pass to the Client upon payment in full by the Client.

7. Publicity

The Client authorises Vanessa Rogers to identify the Client as a customer of Vanessa Rogers in any advertising or marketing materials undertaken by Vanessa Rogers. These shall include but not be restricted to Vanessa Rogers social media, public announcements in newspapers, trade journals and other online publications. Photos and any direct content will only be used with the Client’s agreement.

8. Termination of Agreement

This Agreement may be terminated by either party, in the event of a failure by the other party to comply with any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, by serving notice on the party in default requiring it to remedy such failure within 28 days. If the failure is not remedied within such time, the party serving notice shall be entitled to serve a further notice terminating the Agreement forthwith.

The Client shall pay to Vanessa Rogers, upon receipt of invoice, for all services provided up to the date of termination.

9. Law

This Agreement and any disputes or claims arising out of or in connection with it shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of England and Wales.

10. Complaints Procedure

Vanessa Rogers tries exceptionally hard to ensure all services are to the highest standard and exceed customer expectations. If you have a genuine complaint about any part of the service provided, please contact her to discuss it - vanessa_rogers@me.com. Hopefully any issues can be quickly resolved to your satisfaction.

Alternatively, you can complete a copy of the customer complaint form available to download here, and return it online to help@vanessarogers.co.uk

All complaints are treated seriously and you will receive a response within five working days of receipt of your complaint.

Vanessa Rogers
VR YouthWork Consultant, Trainer & Author

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